General settings are the first and arguably most important setting page inside BundleB2B. This is a great place to start configuring your store settings.

Company Management

For New Company Requests:

When a potential B2B customer fills out a Professional Trade Application form for requesting approval, you can...

  • Enable email notifications to let you know any time a new form is received and ready for review.

    • You can designate which email you want these notifications to go to.

  • Enable these applications to be approved automatically.

Company Price Lists:

Customer/company data between BundleB2B and BIgCommerce automatically syncs. However, if you ever need to refresh the BC Price lists due to a very recent change or any errors. "Refresh BC Price List" Will force a sync and repair.

Set Default Price List:

Whichever price list is selected here will populate on every new company created unless manually changed during creation, or when editing. This feature pairs nicely with company trade application automatic approval. discussed above.

Set Default Payment Methods:

Whichever payment methods are set here will populate on every new company created inside BundleB2B. These payment methods are what will be available for the company users to pay with inside the BigCommerce Checkout.

We highly recommend utilizing this feature. By default, no payment methods are set up when creating a new company account until you configure this feature. If you forget to configure these payment methods manually for a new company, the company will have no payment methods when attempting to purchase an order, quote or invoice.

Address Book Management

You can either allow or block both company users or super admins from editing or adding new addresses on the front-end of the website within the company details, or when placing orders, quotes, or paying invoices.

Store Logo

Add your store logo here! This will show on a variety of email notifications, quotes, invoices, etc!

Feature Management

You can toggle off and on a variety of BundleB2B features from this feature management section. This will remove the functionality from the front end of the website, it will still be viewable within the BundleB2B application.

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