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Need to show to collect additional data? Add extra fields to select pages!

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Need to collect or show additional information? B2B Edition gives you the ability to add additional fields to collect and show data on select pages! You can configure up to 5 additional fields per page!

You can create several different field input types.

To create a new field click the button and then complete the form:

Click "Save" to add the field!

Where Fields Populate

Company Field

During Company Creation on the Back-end:

Post Company Creation on the Back-end:

Address Field

During Address Creation/Update on the Back-end:

During Address Creation/Update on the Front-end:

Inside the BC Checkout on the Front-end:

Order Field

The Order field will populate inside the order comments.

Inside the BigCommerce Checkout:

Inside the BigCommerce Order View:

On the Front End Order View:

Invoice Field

Inside the Invoice on the Back-end:

Inside the downloadable Invoice PDF:

Inside the invoice on the Front-end:

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