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Customized User Roles
Create your own user roles inside B2B Edition.
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Not all users set up in the B2B Edition application will fit into a predefined user role. Luckily you can set up your own custom user role inside B2B Edition! To give someone restricted access to the B2B Edition application, the first step is to create a role that has the appropriate level of permissions. After the role is saved, you can add new users and assign the role created to grant them limited access.

Adding a Customized Role in B2B Edition

  1. On the menu sidebar, go to Roles & Permissions

  2. In the upper-right corner, click Add New Role

  3. Under Add Role, enter a descriptive name

  4. Under Role Type, set the role to "Sales Staff" by checking the box if needed

**** By checking yes, users under this role will only be able to view the companies, orders, and quote requests of company accounts assigned to them. They will not be able to access the information of company accounts they have not been assigned to.

5. In the Permission fields, select the checkbox of the menu tools that the role can access

**** The list of available permissions includes additional options for each category. By selecting the top-most permission of each category, you can assign the specific ones for the role.

6. Click Add to save the customized user role

Deleting a customized user role

  1. On the menu sidebar, go to Roles & Permissions

  2. Locate the created role labeled with "Customizable" under Type

  3. Click on the three dots under Action and select Delete

  4. To confirm the action, click Delete

To assign this role to a user navigate to the "Users" Tab. Edit the correct user by selecting the "Action" dots or create a new user. Apply the correct role and save!

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