There are two types of users than can be added in the BundleB2B Application.

New App Owners generally get added at the time of setup. If you need to switch owner access please reach out to support.

All other types of users are added after the owner has access. Only owners and admins can add new users in the BundleB2B application.

New User - APP Owner:

Once you are added as the APP owner, you will receive an email notification (sender email) that includes your login credentials and a link to set your password.

Proceed to the BundleB2B APP, where you will be able to set your password.

NOTE: The “Change Password” link will expire after 1 hour, if the link expires, please follow the instructions below.

Step by Step:

  1. Log into your BigCommerce Store -> Go to Apps tab -> Select the BundleB2B APP

  2. The BundleB2B login page should appear.

  3. To reset/create your password, select “Reset Password”

New User - All Other Users:

If the new user has a user account inside BigCommerce and single-click app access to BundleB2B:

When the user tries to open the BundleB2B application for the first time, a new BundleB2B account will be automatically created with a "New User Default" role and the user will be signed in automatically and given instant access.

Be sure to change the user role after account creation.

Alternate Method:

Adding a New User Inside BundleB2B

  1. Navigate to the "Users" Tab Inside BundleB2B and select "Add New User"

  2. Add the required information in the "Add New User" form

    ***Note: This user must have a BigCommerce account and the email must match the email set in BigCommerce to access bundle B2B. They may need further privileges to access the BundleB2B application from BigCommerce. See below.

  3. The new user will get a welcome email with a link to set the password for their account.

    NOTE: The “Set Password” link will expire after 1 hour. If so, this message will appear:

    Shortly after the message appears, you will be redirected to the BigCommerce Login Page to reset your password by following these steps:

    Go to Apps > Select the BundleB2B APP, and the BundleB2B login page will appear > Update your password by selecting “Reset Password”.

  4. Click the link to continue on and set a password.

  5. Navigate in BigCommerce to Account Settings > Users

  6. Select Edit on the User, scroll down to the Single-Click Apps section and select BundleB2B. Be sure to save your changes.

Your users can now navigate to Apps > My Apps and access BundleB2B via their BigCommerce login.

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