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Sales Staff Company Assignment
Sales Staff Company Assignment
Assign your Sales Staff to a Company
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There are three ways to assign a Sales Staff user to companies. You can make the assignment from the "Sales Staffs" Tab, edit the company and assign the staff member, or import a CSV using the template file.

After that, the Sales Staff user can access information on assigned company accounts.

Assign Companies From the Menu Grid

  1. In the control panel, go to "Sales Staff" Tab and click the Edit Button on the user you want to assign.

  2. Select Companies and Save

****The list of available companies appears in the Unassigned view. Companies that are already assigned to the user appear in the Assigned.

Edit the Companies

  1. In the B2B Edition application, go to the "Companies" tab.

  2. For the company displayed in the grid, go to the "Actions" column and click "View Details".

  3. On the Sale Staff(s) page, select the sales staff and click "Save".

Import CSV Template File

  1. Go to the "Sales Staff" panel and click the import button.

  2. Download the CSV template

    **** The sample file includes column headings with placeholder data for example Email Address and Company Name.

  3. Examine the structure of the sample file and use it to prepare your CSV import file

    **** Make sure the column headings are spelled correctly.

  4. If the file is ready, upload the file via “Browse File” or “Drag and Drop”

  5. If the import data is uploaded successfully, the following notification appears in the Dashboard

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