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Sales Staff: What they Do and How to Manage Them
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Sales staff are B2B Edition application users who are assigned as the point of contact for a company account and can utilize the B2B Edition quoting feature. Multiple sales staff can be assigned per company account. The name and email address of the assigned sales staff is visible in the quotes they submit.

Note: If a sales staff needs to place orders for a company then they should be assigned as a Super Admin as well/instead.

Sales Staff Quoting Feature

With the quoting feature, the sales staff users can build a quote from scratch to offer customer-specific discounts or negotiate offer details with the buyer, based on a quote request submitted from their storefront account.

  1. To create a quote as a sales staff, navigate to the "Quotes" tab of the B2B Edition dashboard and click "Create a quote"

  2. Select the desired Company from the drop-down menu, fill in the reference number, quote title, description, and expiration date details, then click Continue

  3. Under Address, select existing shipping and billing addresses or enter new ones in the fields below. When done, click Continue again

  4. Locate products by name or SKU to include them in your quote. You can also create a product specific to the quote under the Custom Product Tab

    **** Once added, sales staff can change the quantity, apply discounts in the Discount Type field, select a shipping method, and include special notes for the Company

  5. Once submitted, the quote will be created. Senior Buyer and Company Administrator users will be able to see the quote in their storefront dashboard

    ****Sales staff can email a copy of a quote to the Company user by clicking Send in the confirmation popup

  6. Sales Reps can manage existing quotes from the quotes area of the dashboard

    ****Sales staff can view, edit, duplicate, or archive a selected quote from its action menu

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