Updating the B2B Edition Application
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We occasionally update the scope of the B2B Edition application to enable new features and future enhancements.

When this occurs you will see an update notice on the application launcher.

For Store Owners:

Only store owners can update applications. When clicking on the B2B Edition launcher, a store owner will have the option to update.

Click "Confirm"

For Non-Store Owners:

If you are not the store owner, you do not have the appropriate access to update the B2B Edition application.

Please inform your store owner to update the application to maintain easy access via the BigCommerce control panel. You will not be able to login via the launcher until the update is complete. If you need immediate access, please see below.

How to Access B2B Edition If you cannot get the application update immediately:

  1. Ask support via the blue chat bubble on this page for your login link. Please include your store hash. Your store hash can be found below inside the url on the BigCommerce store admin page.

  2. You can now log in directly!

    1. Note: Your B2B Edition Login is not the same as your Bigcommerce login. If you do not know your login, you can request a password reset! Please use the email associated with your BigCommerce account.

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