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Managing the Original Order That Was Invoiced
Managing the Original Order That Was Invoiced
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Each invoice payment will be treated as a new digital order in BigCommerce:

This function is required, as there is no way to combine payment and invoice orders into one at this time.

The original order will subtract inventory at the time it was placed, not when the invoice is fully paid. The original order will also not automatically update according to the invoice that was generated for it. It is the merchant's responsibility to update the original order's status or build a custom integration for this.

The common workflow is:

  1. Customer places an order using "Purchase Order" and the order shows up as "Awaiting Payment"

  2. The merchant generates an invoice for that order

  3. Customer makes invoice payments

  4. The merchant updates the original order accordingly, based on the state of the invoice -- partially shipped, shipped, or completed

    ** If you want this process automated, it would require you to build an integration using BigCommerce and B2B Edition APIs to make this possible.

Many merchants may already be using their own system to create and track invoices for their customers, but may want to leverage B2B Edition's invoice feature so that customers can make payments online. Learn how to import invoices into B2B Edition here.

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