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Importing or Creating Multiple Invoices For An Order
Importing or Creating Multiple Invoices For An Order
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Many merchants may already be using their own system to log and create invoices for their B2B customers. These merchants may want their B2B customers to be able to review these invoices on the BigCommerce website and be able to make payments towards them.

  • With B2B Edition's invoice feature, you can only have one invoice generated against a BigCommerce order ID.

  • If you need to create multiple invoices against a BigCommerce order, you will omit passing a value for the "orderNumber" parameter when creating an invoice via API.

    • Instead, you should use the "externalId" field or "extraFields" field to hold the BigCommerce order ID if needed.

  • The customer will be able to see each of these as separate invoices under the “Invoices” tab to make payments.

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