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Customize B2B Edition Checkout Code
Customize B2B Edition Checkout Code

Need to further customize our checkout script? This can be done!

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The B2B Edition checkout script was built on top of BigCommerce optimized one-page checkout source code. The customizations that we have built on top of BigCommerce was to allow the following features:

  • Purchase Order (Check) payment method exclusively to be used by B2B users

  • Payment method visibility control for each individual company

  • Company address book for B2B users

  • Orders placed by B2B users are converted to B2B company-level orders

However, there are some merchants that need the B2B Edition checkout page to be further customized. Some examples include:

  • Only show unique address to specific users

  • Pulling in real-time information for the specific logged in user from their ERP

  • Showing specific payment methods based on cart total or external value (Credit Limit)

To customize the B2B Edition checkout page further, please let us know by creating a support ticket. We will grant you and your developer/agency access to our checkout source code. You and your developer/agency will have to build the customizations on top of our B2B Edition checkout source code and be responsible for hosting the new checkout script. The new checkout script can be inputted into the checkout settings here:

Please note that it will be the agency's responsibility to keep track of our repo and update their checkout code as we update the B2B one. The agency should be able to follow the repo on Github once we give them access.

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