What are these emails?

The BundleB2B team receives these emails from the BigCommerce FinOps team to confirm that the B2B Edition applications have been successfully installed for a new BigCommerce store.

These emails contain the store information and the point of contact so that we can approve the BundleB2B application and reach out with onboarding instructions.

Once the BundleB2B team receives this email, the BundleB2B application will be approved and we will reach out to the point of contact with onboarding instructions within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why is my BundleB2B application still pending approval?
    The BundleB2B team will approve within 24 hours of receiving the provision email. If it has been longer than that, we most likely did not receive this email.

  2. What should I do if the BundleB2B team has not received the provision email for my store?
    You can reach out to your BigCommerce account owner or IPM to contact the BigCommerce FinOps team ([email protected]) to check on your store. Currently, the provision/installation is a manual process so they may accidentally miss your store sometimes.

  3. I cannot find the onboarding instructions in my email, has someone already reached out?
    Please try checking your spam/junk folder. Additionally, the email address we were provided in the provision email may not be the actual person leading the project, but we unfortunately would not have that information. You can email [email protected] and we can look into this for you. Alternatively, our onboarding instructions can also be found online here.

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