B2B Edition

These are brand new BigCommerce stores that are provisioned with the following 2 applications:

The "B2B Edition Themes by BundleB2B" application contains 6 themes that are all preconfigured to work with BundleB2B. You will need to use one of these themes to ensure your store and customers has access to the BundleB2B features.

Please check out our B2B Edition Quick Start guide on how to get started!


These are existing BigCommerce stores adding the BundleB2B application onto their store:

These stores do not get access to the "B2B Edition Themes by BundleB2B" application. They will need to work with their agency for the theme installation and adding the BundleB2B code.

Instructions on implementing bundle into your current theme can be found here: https://developer.bundleb2b.net/storefront/quick-start.html

Disregard step 5 as we are on V3+ checkout at the time of writing.

Please check out our BundleB2B Direct Quick Start guide on how to get started!

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