Need to change who the store owner is in BundleB2B?

Changing the store owner in Bigcommerce does not automatically change the store owner in BundleB2B. The store owner is typically set as the person who first installed BundleB2B.

Only the current BundleB2B store owner has the ability to transfer ownership. If the current BundleB2B store owner no longer has access to Bigcommerce, please reach out to support.

Change Store Ownership Inside BundleB2B

  1. Sign into the Bigcommerce account that is currently listed as the store owner inside the BundleB2B application.

  2. Access BundleB2B Via the Apps Section Inside BigCommerce Control Panel

  3. Navigate to the Users Section inside BundleB2B

  4. Select "edit" under the "action" column for the new BundleB2B Owner.

  5. Select "Store Owner" and then "Save" changes.

    The store owner has now been changed inside BundleB2B!

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