Company-Level Tax Exempt Code Feature User Documentation

Native BigCommerce Tax Exempt Feature

The BigCommerce Tax Exempt Code is configured at an individual level.

There are two ways to make an individual customer Tax-Exempt

Creating Tax-Exempt Customers Using Manual Tax

Creating Tax-Exempt Customers Using an Automatic Tax Provider

BundleB2B company-level tax-exempt introduced in the below section is intended to enhance the “Creating Tax-Exempt Customers Using an Automatic Tax Provider” , making the tax-exempt configuration at company-level instead of the individual customer level.

BundleB2B Company Level Tax Exempt Feature

The Company Level Tax Exempt feature allows merchants to configure a “company tax-exempt code” for each BundleB2B company inside BundleB2B APP. The company-level tax-exempt code will synchronize with the individual customer’s BigCommerce “Tax Exempt Code”.

Once configured, the BundleB2B company tax-exempt code will be the source of truth applied for all company users and super admins (when masquerading as a specific company).

Note! This functionality requires adding a company-level extra field inside BundleB2B, please reach out to our support team if you would like to enable this feature.

Creating BundleB2B Tax-Exempt Company Using an Automatic Tax Provider

If you are using a tax provider to automatically calculate sales tax in your store, you can manage tax exemption from within your tax provider's admin area.

To make a tax-exempt company, go to BundleB2B > Company and click on a Company’s name to edit their information. Then enter the appropriate entity/use letter code into the Company Tax Exempt Code field and Save your changes. Once saved, the value entered for “Company Tax Exempt Code” will be applied to all the Company users’ BigCommerce individual customer account “Tax Exempt Code” field.

How BundleB2B Company Tax-Exempt Code Integrates with BigCommerce Customer Tax-Exempt Code

  • When a new company user is created under a company with Company Tax Exempt Code, this new user will be automatically assigned the Tax Exempt Code corresponding to the Company Level Tax Exempt Code.

  • If a merchant updates the Company's Tax Exempt Code inside BundleB2B App, the updated code will reflect in the BigCommerce Tax Exempt Code for all Company users belong to this company

  • If a merchant delete a company inside BundleB2B App, then the BigCommerce Tax Exempt Code will be automatically cleared for all Company Users belong to this deleted company previously

  • When a Super Admin begins masquerading as a company, this Super Admin User’s BigCommerce Tax Exempt Code will automatically update as the Tax Exempt Code of the company throughout the duration of the masquerade.


Make sure that you set up you tax configurations on the BigCommerce side since that is what BundleB2B will be grabbing!!

Notice here the email "[email protected]" belongs to the company "my test company":

On the "Basic Information" tab, you can see the code "ABC123":

This passes down onto the user level. The tax exempt code on the user-level is synced with the same value (ABC123):

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