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Quote Messaging System
Quote Messaging System
Utilize the quote messaging system to keep all buyer/sales rep communication in one place!
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Want to keep all quote communications out of email in one system? Then look no further! B2B Edition now has a messaging tool right inside the quote! This makes for a more seamless negotiation process for both the merchant and the buyer!

Buyer Messaging Flow

At any point in the quoting process, the customer can send a message to the Sales Rep.

  1. To access the messaging system a buyer needs to navigate to the "Quotes" section in the "Account" menu.

****Note: This "Quotes" tab is only available for B2B users.

2. Open the quote you want to write a message on and scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate the message box.

3. Type and "Add Message" to send it off to the Sales Rep!

A log of the message interaction will be recorded in this section.

Now just wait for the Sales Rep to let you know when your quote is updated!

Sales Rep Messaging Flow

At any point in the quoting process, the Sales Rep can send a message to the Buyer.

  1. To access the messaging system navigate to the "Quotes" tab in the navigation menu and open the desired quote. Once inside the quote scroll down to locate the message box.

  2. Type and "Add a Message" to the buyer.

  3. Notify the Customer that there is an update to their quote.

    At this time there is not a notification system built out exclusively for messages. So best practice is to re-email the quote so that the buyer knows a change has been made.

    Edit > Preview > Send to navigate to the quote email notification.

    The Default Quote email subject is as follows:

    But can edit this subject in the draft email view

    Once notified the customer can open the quote and either check out or respond to the message.

  4. If the Customer responds the sales rep will be notified by the status change to "Updated by Customer" on the quote in the "Quotes" Tab

  5. Continuing the messaging flow until the quote is complete!

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