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Managing Quotes
Managing Quotes
Created a quote? Here are the next steps!
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After quote creation by the sales rep, or the buyer, it's time for the next steps! If further negotiation is needed our in quote messaging system can be used. Once both parties are satisfied it is time to close the deal! A quote can be converted in 3 ways.

  1. The buyer can self-service checkout directly from their quote.

  2. A Super Admin can purchase the quote on behalf of the customer on the front end while masquerading.

  3. Or a Sales Staff Member can convert it into a BigCommerce order manually using the "Order" button inside the quote.

In this article, we will discuss what's next for the sales staff member after quote creation.

Negotiation Process

  1. Navigate to the Quote Listing Page inside B2B Edition and select the desired quote.

  2. Use our in-quote messaging system to correspond with the customer.

  3. Ensure that any time you add a new message you are re-emailing the quote so

    the customer knows the quote has been updated. Adding a message by itself will not notify a customer of any changes.

  4. When the customer responds the status of the quote will change to:

  5. Continue this process until both parties are satisfied!

Quote Conversion

Once the final quote has been updated and sent out, the customer can self-service checkout. Once the quote has been converted to an order the status will update to:

Manual Quote Conversion

However, there are a variety of reasons why purchasing the quote in the BigCommerce checkout is not the best option. The customer may need to use a payment method that is not set up in the BigCommerce checkout. Perhaps the customer is currently on the phone trying to make payment, or maybe due to your business processes, orders from quotes are not best handled in the BigCommerce Ecosystem. Etc, etc.

If this is the case the best method of quote conversion is the "Order" button inside the quote to push this order into BigCommerce manually.

Once selected a pop-up will appear to verify the order information. First, you will need to verify the Shipping Address. Once selected, click "Next".

Then the Billing Address.

Finally, you will need to select the order settings, such as shipping options, or opting to push any notes from the quote into the BigCommerce order.

Once "Next" is selected B2B Edition creates the order in BigCommerce. Select "Finalize Order in BigCommerce" to complete this order in the BigCommerce.

***Note: This order will push into BigCommerce as "incomplete" because it does not yet have a payment applied. If the steps are not completed in BigCommerce to finalize the order this order will remain in the "Incomplete" section.

Congratulations! You now have a converted quote! This quote will now flow into all your other downstream fulfillment processes just like any other BigCommerce Order!

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