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Predefined User Roles

Commonly used user roles inside of B2B Edition

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There are two types of user roles inside the B2B Edition Application. Predefined user roles which are common use cases for user permissions already set up in B2B Edition out of the box. And customized user roles, which can be created based on a merchant's individual needs.

Predefined user roles in B2B Edition are closely aligned with the corresponding user roles inside BigCommerce.

Types of Predefined Roles In B2B Edition

Store Owner

A store owner in B2B Edition is the same store owner for BigCommerce. A store owner has every permission available inside B2B Edition. A store owner cannot be assigned. If you need to switch store owners after a change inside Bigcommerce, please reach out to support for assistance.


Like store owners, store admins also have every permission available inside B2B Edition. A typical use case would be a manager or stakeholder that needs access to all facets of B2B Edition.

Note: Administrators do not have Super Admin access unless they are set up as one inside the Super Admin tab of B2B Edition. This means they cannot place orders, quotes, manage invoices, or company data on the front end of the website. They can however manage everything inside the B2B Edition application.

Sales Rep

Sales Reps are considered members of the "Sales Staff" role, which means they will only be able to view the companies, orders, and quote requests of companies assigned to them.

Sales Rep Permissions:


Accountants are members of the team that need view-only access to merchant financial data.

Accountant Permissions:

Financial Manager

Financial Managers differ from Accountants in that they take a more active role in managing the company's finances. They require permission to add and edit as well as view financial data.

Financial Manager Permissions:

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