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Managing Companies Inside B2B Edition
Managing Companies Inside B2B Edition

Already created a Company? Here are the next steps!

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Once a new company is created inside B2B Edition, it's time to add and manage all the details!

Managing B2B Companies After Creation

  1. After creating a company account or approving an account request from a customer, you can manage their users, addresses, payment methods, and settings from the "Companies" area of the B2B Edition dashboard.

2. In the Companies area, you can view the approval status of a Company account and assign a Price List to it.

Any changes you make to assigned Price Lists in B2B Edition will automatically sync to Products › Price Lists in your BigCommerce control panel.

3. By clicking on a Company’s name or selecting View Details from the action menu, you can adjust and assign the following settings:

  • Edit the Company Information

You can edit the company’s details, including the Price List, company name, phone number, email address, and address. When you are done, click "Save".

Please be aware that company default addresses are set in the "Address Book" tab

  • Set Up Company Users

In the "Company User(s)" tab, select "Add User/Edit" from the "Action" menu, then select the desired role from the "Role" dropdown.

To add a new company user, add the user's email, name, role, and phone number.

If this user is new and does not already have a BigCommerce user account. Then a new BigCommerce customer account will be created and then added to the company customer group inside BigCommerce when this new user is added in B2B Edition.

If the user already has an account inside BigCommerce, then we will link the new company user created in B2B Edition with the existing customer account in BigCommerce. We do this by verifying the user's email when it is being added to B2B Edition. If the email already has an account inside BigCommerce, then we link the new company user with the existing account in BigCommerce. The existing account will then be added to the company customer group inside BigCommerce.

Within a company account, your customers can have one of the following roles assigned to them:

Junior Buyer: Can submit Shopping Lists for approval by Senior Buyers or Company Admins. Junior Buyers cannot make purchases on their own.

**** This role is useful for Company employees that require approval to make purchases for their business.

Senior Buyer: Can approve Shopping Lists from Junior Buyers or create their own. Senior Buyers can also place orders on the storefront and view company order history.

**** This role can be used for Company managers that regularly make purchases on behalf of their business, or who oversee a team that creates purchase lists to be approved.

Admin: In addition to the actions available to Senior Buyers, Admins can manage other aspects of their Company account, such as setting up business addresses and adding new users.

**** This role should be assigned to individuals that manage the entire Company account.

  • Manage Super Admin Assignments

You can view and assign super admins (frontend sales staff) here or add/edit them in the "Super Admin" menu.

  • Manage Sales Staff Assignments

You can view and assign sales staff (backend sales staff) here or add/edit them in the "Sales Staff" menu.

  • Enable/Disable Payment Methods

B2B Edition provides a way to decide payment visibility on the company level based on BigCommerce store-enabled payment gateways.

You may have payment methods in your store that are not meant to be used by all of your B2B customers. B2B Edition makes it easy to control which payment options are available to a given company account. Navigate to the "Payment" Tab and select the "Edit" button to manage these methods.

Note*** Only payment gateways and methods enabled in BigCommerce will be shown as options in the B2B Edition application. To enable or disable payment methods in BigCommerce navigate to Settings > Payments.

  • Manage Address Book

B2B customers may have several billing and shipping addresses for their businesses. B2B Edition makes it easy to add, maintain, and organize company addresses on the buyer and seller side.

Click the "Address Book" tab to access a list of all Company addresses, add and edit address information, and assign a default Billing and Shipping Address for the Company.

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