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Company Account Application Status
Company Account Application Status
Applied for a Company Account? Here are the next steps!
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Haven't applied for a Company Account yet? Read Apply for a Company Account to learn how!


After submitting the Trade Professional Application form, your application will be under review and the status of your application will be “Pending” until it has been either Approved or Rejected by the store owner.

To return to this page and check back on the status of your application, click on “Trade Professional Application” located at the top right corner of your B2C account.


If your account request has been rejected, you will get an email notification, and you will see the application status change to “Rejected.” From here, you will be able to correct/edit any information fields previously submitted and resubmit your application.


If your account request has been approved, your account will automatically update to provide you access to the corresponding B2B features and increased permissions that come with a Trade Professional Account. No notice of approval will appear inside your account. However, you will get an email notification letting you know you are approved!

As the person who submitted the application, your account is automatically assigned as the Admin user for the company. You’ll notice the “Trade Professional Application” link is no longer available at the top right corner of your account.

You now have access to new B2B features, such as “Shopping Lists” and “User Management.”

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