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Apply for a Company Account
Apply for a Company Account

How to apply for a B2B Account!

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B2B Account Application

On the storefront, your customers can apply for a company account by submitting a Trade Professional Application. This provides a form for them to enter their company admin user information, as well as the Company’s name and contact details.

Customers can access the application from the "Trade Professional Application" button in your store’s header. The link to the application form is typically located at the top right corner.

Once the fields have been filled out, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. You will receive a confirmation message letting you know that your application has been submitted and is pending approval by the store owner.

**** A guest or registered B2C user can submit a Trade Professional Application in the top right corner.

**** Guest users will have to fill out the information from scratch.

**** Registered B2C users will use their existing account information to pre-fill the fields under the “Company Admin Account Information” section.


  1. How can I add new fields to the Trade Professional Form if I want to request information like “how you heard from our website?”, “type of businesses”, etc.?

    You can do this under Settings > Extra Fields > Company. You can then click on "Create a New Field" and then fill out the information accordingly. To make this field present on the storefront for the customer to fill out, you will want to ensure that "Visible on Storefront" is checked. Here is a sample below of what the field creation looks like in the backend and how it appears in the frontend:

2. How can I change the default “Trade Professional Application” text to other verbiage such as “Business Account Application” on the Nav bar and on the page itself?

This will require you to make changes in the theme code, specifically the global.js file. Please see the example below of the name being changed to "Peak Dealer Application":

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