Request a Quote Process
Learn how a B2B customer can request a quote.
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Customers can self-service quote requests in a quick and easy shopping experience!

Storefront customers can reach the RFQ-related buttons from both the Product Detail Pages and the Shopping Cart Page. With these buttons, they can add products to the request for quote basket.

After adding a product to the quote basket, a pop-up will appear with a "View My Quotes" link to access the quote basket. A customer can add as many products as they like to the quote basket!

A customer can either click the "View My Quote" link to finish the quote! Or access the quote basket at any point in their shopping experience via the "My Quotes" link in the menu of the site.

The Quote Basket

The Quote Request Form

Contact Email, Contact Name, Phone Number and Company Name will be pre-populated if the customer logged in is a B2B Edition company user. You will be able to change the pre-populated values for these fields. If the customer is not logged in, these fields will be blank.

Important Note! If the B2B customer has a price list and discount associated with their account, they will need to sign into their account before submitting the quote in order to get this price assigned to the company account.

  1. Enter Quote Title and Reference Number for your own reference

  2. The Quote Address section will be prepopulated with the Company Default Billing and Shipping Address. However, if no Default Billing Address is available, the fields will be left blank.

    • All address fields entered during the quote negotiation process are informational data shown on the quote detail page, shipping fee and tax are NOT calculated during this stage of the quote process. This occurs during both the negotiation and final checkout phase of the quote. The shipping and tax amount will be calculated via shipping and tax providers configured in the BigCommerce Store.

  3. In the Items section a customer can..

    • Add or Delete items

    • Change the qty for each item in your quote basket

  4. In the Message section

    • Enter the message that you think will be helpful for the sales rep to prepare the initial quote.

  5. Click the "Submit" button to finalize this stage or the quoting process!

  6. Keep a copy of the Quote Detail Page URL to access the Quote detail page if you are a direct consumer with no B2B Edition company user account. Company Users (Admin/Sr. Buyer/Jr. Buyer) and Super Admins (Masquerading as one Company) will be able to check the company level quotes generated via request for quote in Account > Quotes after logging in to the storefront.

Next Steps?

Once a quote has been created, check out:

to see what's next!

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