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Managing Quotes as a Company User
Managing Quotes as a Company User
Complete and manage quotes in your dashboard!
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To negotiate with the seller (i.e. on a better price, more quantity, customizations, terms, or additional products), you can request a quote. Both guest and registered users can request quotes in the storefront. Once a quote has been built and on the "Quotes" Page located in the account menu.

Completion of the Quote Process

  1. Once the quote request has been submitted, the sales rep will get to work on building your quote. You will receive an email when the sales rep sends out the quote for your review!

2. Select "View Quote Detail" In the upper right-hand corner to open the quote itself. From here you can either accept the quote and "Proceed to Checkout" or send the sales rep a message to negotiate further!

3. Once Proceed to Checkout is selected, everything inside the quote will be loaded in the BigCommerce checkout to be complete just like any other BigCommerce order!

View Quote Page

1. Log in and navigate to the “Quotes” tab from the account navigation bar

****Note: This "Quotes" tab is only available for B2B users.

2. To view a submitted quote, click the three dots, and select “View” from the drop-down menu or lick the QN Link.

3. You can print, download or copy the link of the selected quotes by clicking the buttons on the top right of the view page

4. When you view the quote, you can continue to checkout by selecting the “Checkout” button at the bottom right corner

****Note: You are able to checkout as soon as the quote is created, prior to any the sales rep edits. You will get an email notification when the rep has edited the quote!

5. You also have the option to directly convert a quote to order by clicking the three dots and selecting “Checkout” from the drop-down menu

Quote Statuses

It Indicates the current state of a quote request. The actions on the part of you, your company users, or sellers can change the quote status.

  • Open:

    The quote is available for the user to check out, as it has not yet been expired or checked out by other users in the company

  • Ordered:

    The quote was converted to an order

  • Expired:

    The quote was not checked out before the expiration date and is no longer available to be converted to an order

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