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Address Book Management for Customers
Address Book Management for Customers
Add/ edit and set default billing and shipping addresses!
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If discussed with the merchant, the company admin users may be allowed to have access to your company’s address book.

This will enable the store admin users to set up new billing and shipping addresses.

Adding up new addresses

  1. Click on the "Address" tab inside the "Account" menu located in the header of the storefront. Then click "Add New Address"

  2. Fill in the template. Be sure to select whether this is a new billing or shipping address.

Editing existing addresses

  1. Click on the ... Action button to update the address

Including address label

An address label is an optional field that can be used to organize the different billing and shipping addresses in a Company’s account. This can be used to tag the Company Name, Location Name, Organization Name, Company Code, or other identifiers for this particular address.

The Address Label column in a Company's storefront account

Setting default addresses

The address that is set as default billing/shipping will be pre-filled in the fields that require the billing/shipping information.

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