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Invoice Order and Payment Management
Invoice Order and Payment Management
How to utilize the Invoicing system for PO and partial payments.
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An invoice allows for PO terms and partial/additional payments. They can be created for a single order, and each can include whichever products on the order you specify. The merchant is able to create or view all the orders with an invoice and review which invoices have been paid. They can also record any external payments, such as checks and cash. Alternatively, the B2B user can make payments with their credit card from the frontend of the website.

Invoice Tab Descriptions

  • This displays all B2B customer orders. It is very similar to the "Orders" tab view. However, you can create invoices in this view. You can also view all the orders with invoices currently attached, as well as the corresponding invoice numbers.

  • It displays all the invoices generated from orders order. This is the best place to manage your invoices after creation.

  • Lists all payments made towards invoices. You can also record External Payments from this page.

Creating an Invoice

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Orders

    ****You can also set up automatic invoice creation in Settings > Invoice.

  2. In the Actions column, choose Create Invoice

  3. Find the invoice in the "Invoice" sidebar

  4. In the Action column, click "View"

  5. The new invoice page looks similar to a completed quote, with the Due Date, Invoice Lines, and Cost Lines that can be edited.

**** You can set up default terms to auto-populate in Settings > Invoice.

Once an Invoice has been created, the listed customer will get an Invoice notification email. This email can be configured in Settings > Email.

Want to know what's next on the buyer side?

Managing an Invoice

  1. Find the invoice in the Invoice sidebar

  2. To edit an invoice, simply click 'Edit' in the Action column or open the invoice and click the edit icon (represented by a pencil) to make any necessary changes

Invoice Details you can Edit:

  • Due Date:

    Adjust the date the payment of the Invoice will be due

  • Extra fields:

    Modify the additional fields to meet the specific needs

  • Line Items:

    Choose to add items that were not already included or remove them

  • Cost Line:

    Modify any cost changes (e.g. shipping deals, etc.) that occurred to the order

Recording an External Payment

If you've received a payment for your invoice outside of the online payments you have enabled for your store (e.g. cash, check, bank transfer), follow the steps below to record a payment so that the invoice will be marked as paid.

  1. Go to Invoice Management > Payments, then click the Record External Payment button in the top-right corner

  2. Select the company and invoice that you received the payment for.

  3. Select the type of payment you received and input the amount paid under Amount to Apply

  4. Specify the date of the payment as well as any notes you may want to attach to the payment in the Payment Memo.

  5. Click "Apply Payment" to record the payment

A Note About Invoice Payments

When you download the B2B Edition Application we inject a product into your BigCommerce catalog called "Invoice BC Pay"

We use this product inside the BigCommerce checkout to charge partial payments for Invoices. This product is not visible on the storefront, and it is set non-taxable.

If an ERP or PIM is your source of truth for products instead of BigCommerce or you use an OMS or ERP for order fulfillment this can cause some, downstream issues. These can typically be worked around with a little planning. If you need further assistance in this regard, please contact support.

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