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Set the pricing structure for B2B Companies.

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Price Lists in B2B Edition

Offer wholesale pricing? Special discounts? Do you have a complex pricing schedule that is customer-dependent? Price lists set the pricing structure of your B2B companies inside B2B Edition.

In the "Companies" tab, you can assign a Price List to each company. Price Lists are located and configured in Products › Price Lists within your BigCommerce control panel. Once configure these will automatically sync to the B2B Edition application for selections. Read on to learn how to configure these!

Creating a Price List in BigCommerce (Products > Price Lists)

  1. When you click "Create Price List", you’ll first be asked to give your price list a name. This is for your reference only and is not shown publicly.

  2. Next, define which customer groups this list will apply to. This determines who sees the prices on this price list. You can change this at any time.

  3. Click "Save" when done. Your newly created price list will save as a draft, and won't be live until you publish it.

  4. You can now add Price Overrides to be included with this Price List.

Editing a Price List

  1. In a price list, products are displayed in columns and rows, like a spreadsheet. Each row is a product, and variants are grouped together.

  2. Use the + button to expand or collapse variant rows.

  3. Use the Search bar and Filters button to filter the list down to the products you want to work with.

Publishing a Price List

  1. When you’re ready to make your price list live, change the toggle under Status. This can also be found under the Details tab when editing a price list.

Deleting a Price List

  1. Click the menu button to the right of a price list then select "Delete."

Selecting a Price List in B2B Edition

  1. Navigate to the "Companies" Tab inside the B2B Edition application.

  2. Click on the pencil icon and select the price list for the Company you wish to edit.

  3. Save once your selection is complete.

Assigning multiple price lists via CSV

  1. Export a CSV of all your B2B companies in the "Companies" tab

  2. Enter the price list name under the Price List column of the CSV Template

  3. Import the edited CSV in the top right-hand corner of the "Companies" tab.

Setting a default Price List

  1. Go to the Settings > General > Set Default Price List

**** The default Price List is assigned to all newly created Companies, including “Pending” status company accounts. These are companies who have requested a company account through the Trade application form but have not yet been approved.

Price List Update

Need to apply a newly created Price List but don't see it in B2B Edition yet?

You can force a price list sync by navigating to Settings > General and clicking the "Refresh BC Price List" button.

Note*** The "Refresh BC Price List" button is only needed to force new price lists to populate, or for price list name changes to apply. Any product price changes will sync immediately and automatically.

Note*** If adding a price list via CSV it can take up to 24 hours for a newly created (or new name of an existing price list) to populate in order to import changes to company price changes via CSV. Please utilize the "Refresh BC Price List" button if you are having issues with Price List CSV imports.

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