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Request for Quote Setting
Request for Quote Setting

Everything you need to know about configuring settings for quotes!

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Default Quote PDFs

Quote Settings

In the Settings > Quotes area of the B2B Edition dashboard, merchants can locate the Default quote PDF template dropdown in the Quote details area. This lists the following template options:

  • Default with Checkout Button

  • Simple with Pictures

  • Waves with Pictures

  • Modern with Checkout Link*

  • Modern without Checkout Link*

  • Database with Checkout button

    * This template is only available in English.

If you are using the Buyer Portal this setting can be set globally, or per storefront.

Buyer Experience

The selected default template is used by default on new quotes that the buyer generates on the storefront via the add to quote button and quote submission form.

The default quote PDF will detect the default language of the store and populate the quote PDF with the correct language if it is one of the 8 support B2B edition languages. These languages include:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Dutch

  • German

  • Italian

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

If the language is unsupported, the PDF will be displayed in English. If you require a language that is currently not supported please put in a support ticket for a feature request.

Note: If you are part of the multi-geo catalog overrides beta, the storefront default language will be used, instead of the global store default language.

Sales Rep Experience

The default PDF selection will be automatically populated as the first option when generating and sending a quote email.

When a sales rep makes updates to the quote and sends it, the quote PDF will reflect those changes.

If the sales rep sends a quote email with a different quote template or language selected, the default PDF will be overridden in the account portal with the latest version sent to the buyer.

New Quote PDF

A new quote PDF has been added and automatically set as the default for all B2B edition stores. It contains all the same info as the previous buyer quote PDF, with a few styling changes, and multi-language support.

This template is named "Database with Checkout Button" and includes:

  • Contact information (if applicable)

  • Shipping/ billing first and last name (if applicable)

  • Country

  • Reference (if applicable)

  • Store address

As well as all other fields currently supported on quote templates.

Additional Quote PDF Updates

All quote templates and PDFs now support:

  • product variants/options/modifiers

  • A link to the PDP of the product

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