Request for a quote is a feature for your customers who want to request more information about a product. Your customers can ask sales staff for specific quantities of products, timelines, certain conditions, and the best prices, while sales staff can respond to quotes requested. When both parties agree on the prices and conditions, quotes can be converted into orders.

Quote Settings

Navigate to Settings > Quotes to access these settings.

Add the "Add To Quote" button onto the front end of the website

The Add to Quote button on the product details page

The Add to Quote button on the Shopping Cart Page

Add to Quote button Configuration

**** After enabling it, you have two options to configure where you would like to display the Add to Quote button.

Request for quote related options

Allow Quote Request from Guest

The option lets guest customers request quotes on the items they are interested in without registering an account.

Allow Quote Request from Individual Customers

Individual Customers stands for buyers who have a BigCommerce Customer Account but haven’t been assigned to BundleB2B Company Accounts.

**** It is enabled for company users by default if this feature is enabled.

Back End Display Options

Display the Cost Column in Quote Line Items

Display the Margin Column in Quote Line Items.

Default Quote Settings

Default Expiration Date

This will be the quote validity period that will populate automatically in each quote! This can be changed on an individual quote in the edit view of the quote itself!

Default Terms and Conditions

You can set the terms and conditions you want to populate on each quote by default inside the quote settings page. This can be changed on an individual quote in the edit view of the quote itself!

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