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Everything you need to know about exporting your B2B orders.
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Merchants also have the ability to export all their B2B orders into a CSV file. For the export, merchants can specify which specific Order Statuses (if not all), the Date Range, and whether or not to include Super Admin orders.

To Download:

Click the download icon in the right upper side of the "Orders" tab

What's Included in the Order Export:

  • Order ID

  • Customer ID

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Email

  • Customer Phone

  • Company Name

  • Order Date

  • Order Status

  • Order Total (inc tax)

  • Total Quantity

  • Order Currency Code

  • Purchase Number

  • Product Detail

Common Use Cases:

  • View all B2B orders

  • Filter to see the status of orders

  • Filter to see how many orders were placed from a company

  • Data can be refined for analytics

Can You Import Orders?

Yes, via the B2B Edition API:

A possible use case for this is if you want to import an order from your ERP so that it exists within the B2B Edition application.

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