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Quotes Listing Page
Quotes Listing Page
Tips on navigating the quote page!
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If B2B quotes are enabled in Settings > Quotes, an authorized buyer from a company can initiate a price inquiry and negotiation via submitting a quote. The quote menu lists each quote received or created, display the status, and maintains a history of the communication and revisions. The quote menu can be used to filter the quote, create new ones, and export existing data.

Column Descriptions

QN Link

Inside this link you can do all of the following:

  • Edit the quote

  • Archive the quote

  • Email the quote details to the user

  • Print the quote

  • Download the quote

  • Review the history of the quote for the changelog

  • Convert the quote to an order

  • Cancel and return to the quotes listing page

  • Send a message to the user

To send a quote in this view, click the email button in the right-hand menu.

B2B Edition Company Account Name. If the quote is generated for a non-B2B company or submitted by guest/B2C buyers, then the field will be empty

Sales Staff
The sales staff who prepared the quote.

Quote Title
Can be entered by quote requesters on the storefront and modified by merchant side sales rep during quote preparation. This field is searchable on the storefront company level quote history page.

Quote Status


Edit - This is the view in which you can edit and send your quote.

You can also change:

- contact information

- address information

- products’ notes

- products’ quantity

- products’ quoted price

- change the products’ options/variants

- delete products from the quote

- add more products to the quote

- change the discount type

- change the shipping method

- edit the additional information section

- upload any attachments

View - This is the same view as the QN Link

Duplicate - Copy a quote quick and easy! This will let you choose a new/different company for this duplicate quote.

Archive - This will remove the quote from the quotes listing page and put it into the “Archived” tab. If needed, you can un-archive a quote to send it back to the quotes listing page.

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