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Super Admin Masquerade
Learn how Super Admins can manage companies!
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The Super Admin masquerade feature allows a Super Admin to log in on behalf of any company they are assigned to through their own admin accounts on the front end of the website. This gives them the ability to view and manage the companies they are assigned to.

How to Super Admin Masquerade

To use masquerade, log into the storefront and locate a company from the Dashboard tab. If super admins have multiple company accounts assigned to them, they can use the search bar to find a specific company by name or email address.

Begin masquerade from the Dashboard tab.

After locating the company in question, click the "Begin Masquerade" button to start.

Begin Masquerade

When masquerading as a Company Administrator, the super admin users can see the products and pricing only accessible to that particular company, as well as create Shopping Lists and place orders on the Company’s behalf. When finished, click "End Masquerade" to return to the Dashboard.

End Masquerade

Things to Consider

  • Orders placed by Super Admins will still belong to their account via email address. The order will not belong to another user for the company they are masquerading as. Because of this, order confirmation emails will only go to the Super Admin. However, the order and its details will be available to view within the orders listing page of that company.

  • When a Super Admin masquerades, they do not become another user from the company. The Super Admin is essentially put in the company during this time as a “company admin”. They have all the permissions of a company admin for this company during this masquerade session.

  • Super Admins are only utilized on the front end of the website. For back-end sales reps, you will need to add these via the B2B Edition interface. These back-end sales reps are primarily used to create/edit quotes, invoices, and manage companies. All B2B Orders must be placed on the front end of the website by the customer or a super admin.

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