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Super Admin Dashboard
How to access the super admin dashboard prior to masquerade.
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Once a Super Admin user is created in the B2B Edition application, they will receive an email to set up their log-in credentials. To access and manage their companies, they will need to log in via the front end of the website.

To Access the Super Admin Dashboard

  1. Log in to the store by entering the credentials set up via email.

2. Navigate to "Dashboard" inside the "Account" view and locate a company to masquerade as another admin user for that company.

For a Super Admin who has been assigned to multiple companies, they can easily find a specific company or its email address by utilizing the search bar.

The Super Admin dashboard for each company can also be accessed by adding the company ID to the URL in this format: dashboard/?companyID=11111 (where 11111 is the specific company ID number).

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