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Super Admins can create orders and quotes for B2B companies!
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Once you’ve created company accounts for your B2B customers, you’ll want to establish Super Admins to act as liaisons between your business and theirs.

The Super Admin feature is useful for members of your sales staff that regularly assist B2B customers with their purchases. Super admins are typically used by merchants for sales reps that are assigned multiple companies to manage. A super admin is a member that can use the masquerade function to create orders, quotes, and manage invoices for companies on the front end of the website.

For example, a super admin user manages company A, company B, and company C. Using the masquerade feature, a super admin can place or manage the orders, invoices, and quotes on behalf of the admin users of company A, company B, and company C.

Another common use case is if someone is needed to overview and manage multiple companies from the front end. This user would be set up as a Super Admin so that they can masquerade into their assigned companies to make management changes.

Managing Super Admin Users

To manage your store’s super admin users, go to the Super Admin's menu tab. From here, you can view assignment listings by super admin name or by company name using the group by toggle.

Add New Super Admin Users

You can add new super admin users to the list by clicking the "Add New" button and filling out the information in the pop-up window. If you want to add several super admins at the same time, see Adding Super Admins in bulk below.

Add a new Super Admin

To assign an existing super admin user to a company account, click the "Edit" button next to the Super Admin or the Company in the list.

When editing a Super Admin, check the boxes next to the desired companies under "Company Assignment" to assign them to the super admin. You can look for specific companies with the search company name field, and assign or un-assign all companies using the "Select All" checkbox.

Edit a Super Admin

When editing a company, go to the "Super Admin(s)" tab and click "Edit". Check the boxes next to the super admin users you wish to assign to the company account. Don't forget to save your changes when you’re done!

Assign Super Admins to a Company account.

Add Super Admin Users In Bulk

If you want to add or edit multiple super admin assignments at a time, you can import a CSV of super admin information to your B2B Edition dashboard. In the "Super Admins" tab, click the "Export your Super Admins to a CSV file" button at the top of the page.

Export your Super Admins to a CSV file.

Click "Download" in the pop-up banner to open the CSV file. Once you’ve updated existing super admins or added new ones in the CSV, click Import Super Admins to your store. Drag and drop your CSV file into the pop-up window, or use the "Click to Browse File" option to select the file from your computer. Click "Save" to begin the import.

Import your Super Admins CSV file into BundleB2B.

Things to Consider

  • Don't forget to assign companies to your Super Admins inside the B2B Edition application. Otherwise, there won't be any companies for the Super Admin to masquerade as upon login. Super admins can only place orders while they masquerade as a company.

  • Super Admins are only utilized on the front end of the website. For back-end sales reps, you will need to add these via the B2B Edition interface. These back-end sales reps are primarily used to create/edit quotes, invoices, and manage companies. All B2B Orders must be placed on the front-end of the website by either the customer or a super admin.

  • Orders placed by Super Admins will still belong to their account via email address. The order will not belong to another user for the company they are masquerading as. Because of this, order confirmation emails will only go to the Super Admin. However, the order and its details will be available to view within the orders listing page of that company.

    Next Steps?

    Once a Super Admin has been created, check out:


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