An address label is an optional field that allows the merchant and/or customer users to organize the different billing and shipping addresses in a Company’s account.

This can be used to tag the Company Name, Location Name, Organization Name, Company Code, or other identifiers for this particular address. Address Labels allow for quick and easy address selection.

  • In the checkout page, you can search the “Address Label”.

Address Labels in BigCommerce Orders

The address label is also pushed into any orders and can be viewed on the BigCommerce order detail page. BundleB2B leverages the BigCommerce “Company Name” field to store both Address Label and BundleB2B Company Name information using format shown below:


Address Label Integration Tips

Planning on doing an order data integration with BigCommerce? Then read on!

The “Company Name” field mentioned above can be found in the following two order-related endpoints:

Please search the page with keyword “company”

It is important to understand where label data can be found inside the BigCommerce Order entity. You will need to either extract label data from BC order API or Call BundleB2B API directly for order details with address label data for the order snapshot.

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