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Export Company Information
Export Company Information
Need to Quickly Edit Your Company Data? Need a list of all your B2B companies? Need a backup?
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B2B Edition allows you to collect and backup data from your Company accounts by exporting it to a CSV spreadsheet. This export can also be used to make bulk edits to companies!

By default, only the Store Admin user can export Company information. For more information on store users, please see this guide.

To Export

  1. Go to the Companies area of the dashboard and click the Export button. Select "Export Companies" or "Export Companies Addresses" from the dropdown.

2. Click "Download" to see the CSV spreadsheet of your store’s Company accounts. The CSV includes fields for Company names, addresses, users, approved payment methods, etc.

3. Additionally, go to the Company CSV Export Notification in the Dashboard. The CSV can also be downloaded after clicking Download As A CSV File.

Bulk Company Edits

If you want to edit existing company information or addresses, you can export them to a CSV. When you have made your changes, use the steps here to import the CSV back into the store and update the Company addresses.

What Else Can you do with this Export?

This data can be used to see which companies may still be in a pending status (Column R) or to see when companies were created or last updated (Columns S and T)

The CSV Export File Overview

The same company fields found in the import file will be provided within the export file as well:
- Customer Group ID (Optional)
- Company Name (Required)
- Company Phone Number (Required)
- Company Email Address (Required)
- Company Address Line 1 (Optional)
- Company Address Line 2 (Optional)
- City (Optional)
- State (Optional)
- ZipCode (Optional)
- Country (Optional)
- Company User Email (Required)
- Company User First Name (Required)
- Company User Last Name (Required)
- Company User Role (Optional)
- Company User Phone Number (Optional)
- BigCommerce Price List Name(Optional)
- Payment Methods(Optional)

Additionally, the export file provides some additional information about the companies:
- Company Status
- Company Create Date
- Company Update Date

What's Next?

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