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Company Account Approval Process
Company Account Approval Process

Approve front-end B2B customer requests!

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On the storefront, your customers can apply for a Company account by registering for an account.

Company Account Approval Process

  1. Customers can access the application and apply in your stores headers.

**** If a customer already has an account on your BigCommerce website and is apply for a business account while logged in, the form will prefill with the fields with information already provided.

2. Once a customer has submitted an Application, you will receive an email notification for the account request. To set the receiving email address for Company requests, please see the email configuration guide.

3. Business accounts that have not yet been approved will appear in the Companies area with a "Pending" status.

4. To approve or reject a pending account, select View Details from the action menu. Once selected, the customer that submitted the request will receive an email notification informing them of the account’s approval or rejection assuming this email notification setting is enabled.

If you want to automatically approve Trade Professional Applications upon submission, check the box next to enable automatic approval from Settings › General.

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