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Create Company Accounts in Bulk
Create Company Accounts in Bulk

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To create multiple Company accounts at once, you can import them in bulk using a CSV template!

This is also a great way to make bulk edits to the companies set up in B2B Edition! Export the current files. make your edits or additions, and then reimport! For more information see Import from CSV Template / Bulk Address Creation.

Create Companies in bulk inside B2B Edition B2B by uploading a CSV

  1. Click the Import Company button and select Import Companies.

2. Click “Download CSV Template”. The CSV file will have headers indicating which fields are required and optional. Required fields will need to be filled out to successfully import.

**** Please note that if the “Customer Group ID” is blank, it will treat it as creating a new company. If there is a value, it will reference an existing company to update it.

**** The unique identifier for each customer is the user email (Column K). This will create a customer into BigCommerce if they do not already exist. If the user already exists, they will belong to this company now.

3. Once the CSV file has been filled out, drag and drop the file into the popup, or use the Click to Browse File option to select the file from your computer. Click Save to begin the import.

4. Go to the Dashboard and click Company Upload Summary Notification to see the upload status

You can make edits and re-upload the row(s) listed in the error report.

***** There is a 20 MB (around 5,000 lines) total file size limit per upload. If the file is larger than that, we recommend sending it via email or a file share service so that we can upload them. You can also break it into smaller parts.

Next steps?

Once a company has been created, check out:

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