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Converting Customer Groups into Company Accounts
Converting Customer Groups into Company Accounts

Already have the company employees set up as customers inside BigCommerce?

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Already have the company employees set up as customers inside BigCommerce?

No problem! Then you could add this company by converting a customer group inside the B2B Edition. This is a very powerful method if you are already utilizing customer groups to group company users. If the user is not already set up as a customer in BigCommerce, then the best method is to add that company manually, or via bulk csv import.

To set this up you first need to create a customer group in BigCommerce.

  1. You will need to name the customer group the name of the company you want to add.

  2. Add all the customers that need to be linked within that company to the customer group created.

Please note that this will group all of these users from the customer group into one company to share company-level information.

Now let's convert this customer group into a company inside the B2B Edition interface!

  1. Click Add new from the Companies area of the dashboard and select the Convert from a customer group option from the drop-down menu.

2. Select the customer group from the drop down menu.

3. Click on Convert.

4. Fill in the form and select Convert.

The company admin will be set up during this step. if the email entered matches a customer already set up in BigCommerce then it will link with it and not create a new customer inside BigCommerce. If it is an unused email is used a new customer in BigCommerce will be created. All other users inside the customer group will be set up as Senior Buyers. You can navigate to "Company Users(s)" tab to edit these roles.

Congrats! You successfully created a new company inside B2B Edition!

Next Steps?

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