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Create a New Company
Create a New Company
Learn how to create a new company manually inside B2B Edition!
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There are 3 ways to create company accounts inside the B2B Edition application. You can create their company accounts manually inside the B2B Edition Application, create company accounts by converting customer groups for customers already created inside BigCommerce, and create company accounts in bulk via a CSV import. There is a fourth way in which the B2B merchant can request a B2B account on the front end of the website via the Trade Application Form. Once approved the company is auto-created inside B2B Edition.

How to Create a Company Manually

  1. Go to the "Companies" tab in the B2B Edition dashboard and click "Add new". From the drop-down menu, select "Add a new company".

****Note: Consider using the Convert from a Customer Group option if you already have the customer data entered inside BigCommerce. See the related link on how to format this data correctly.

2. Fill out the company’s details in the pop-up window that appears. When you are done, click Add.

There are two steps that happen automatically inside BigCommerce when creating a company account inside B2B Edition application.

  1. A BigCommerce Customer Group is created using the company account name.

    Creating a company account automatically generates a corresponding customer group in your BigCommerce control panel. Customer groups are the method by which B2B Edition maintains the customer-account hierarchy. This is how users at a select company are grouped together.

    Note*** You can have 2 companies with the same name in B2B Edition. The customer group name inside BigCommerce will be generated with a slight difference, and the customer group id for these companies will be different.

  2. A BigCommerce customer account will be created using the Company Admin information.

    Note*** If you are adding an existing BigCommerce account to be this company's admin, it will leverage their existing account details and not create a duplicate customer account. Ensure that the email matches the existing BigCommerce account.

3. After creating a Company account, you can manage its information (assign a price list, and edit company details) from the "Companies" area of the B2B Edition dashboard.

Once a company is added a new user welcome email will be sent to the email addresses of the company admin user. Go to Settings > Emails to turn off or configure the email settings.

Next steps?

Once a company has been created, check out:

to see what's next!

Things to Consider when Adding Companies inside B2B Edition

- There can be multiple companies with the same name. The unique identifier is the customer group ID.
- Every company requires at least one admin user, which will be required when filling out the information.
- The address information entered at this step is reference only. This is not automatically added as a shipping/billing address in the company address book.

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